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Why You Should Clean Your Septic Tank More Frequently

A septic tank
Some septic tanks can operate efficiently even if you only clean them once every three years. Other septic tanks cannot go that long, and you have to clean them at least once a year. Below are some of the cases in which you should clean your septic tank more frequently.

You Experience Frequent Floods

Floods are not good for your septic system. A serious flood is likely to deposit some silt and mud into the septic tank. In addition, the floodwater may also saturate the septic drain field and reduce the field's permeability. Both of these issues may cause your septic tank to overflow with waste.

Therefore, you should pump and clean your septic tank more frequently if your area experiences frequent floods. When you clean the tank, you reduce its load and risk of overflow.

You Host Frequent Parties

The number of people in your household typically determines how often you should pump your septic tank. The more people you have the more waste and water your household will produce. A large household, therefore, fills up its septic tank faster than a small household, which means the larger household should pump its tank more frequently.

Even with a small household, however, you should pump your septic tank more frequently if you host frequent parties. If you host frequent parties, particularly big parties, then you are not that different from a big household, and you should pump your septic tank frequently too.

You Have a Garbage Disposal System

The amount of waste that goes into the septic system is one of the primary factors that determine how often you should pump the tank. Since a garbage disposal system empties its wastes into the septic tank, you should pump your septic tank more frequently if you have a garbage disposal. In fact, you should definitely increase the frequency if you have a disposal and you love to cook.

You Rent out Your Basement

Many homeowners make extra money by renting out extra rooms to long-time or short-term tenants. Maybe you have finished your basement or extended your house and rent out the extra rooms. In either of those cases, you shouldn't pump out your septic tank at the same frequency of a household without tenants.

Your tenants don't just put extra money in your pockets; they also put extra wastes in your septic systems, and you should empty the wastes frequently. The more tenants you have the more frequently you should pump the tank.

You Have Children

You should also pump your septic system more frequently if you have young ones in the house. Households with children and teenagers tend to fill up their septic tanks faster than households with adults only. Children and teenagers use more water than adults and they also tend to put more solid wastes in the septic system.

You Run a Home Business that Produces Septic Wastes

Lastly, you should also pump your septic tank more frequently if you run a business at home, and the business uses considerable water or sends organic wastes into the septic tank. An example is if you cook and distribute food from your home; the food business generates considerable waste.

Be careful with the type of wastes that go into your septic system if you run a home-based business. Don't dump chemicals or non-biodegradable wastes into the septic system because such wastes reduce the effectiveness of the septic tank.

Your lifestyle determines how often you should pump your septic pump. At Ernie's Plumbing & Sewer Service, we have the skills and experience to analyze your home and septic tank and advise you on when to clean the tank. Contact us today and we will get your tank clean in no time.