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3 Sure Signs of Toilet Trouble

Man having trouble on toilet bowl
The throne. The john. The commode. No matter what you might call it in your home, the toilet plays an essential role in the day-to-day lives of you and your family members. A functional toilet allows you to safely remove waste from your home.
Problematic toilets can quickly become a serious source of stress. Toilet problems can compromise the integrity of your plumbing system, lead to dangerous sewage backups, and cause serious water damage in your bathroom. Addressing problems with the function of your toilet as quickly as possible will help reduce the likelihood that minor issues will turn into major headaches.
Learn to recognize some of the signs that your toilet is in trouble so that you can better maintain your home's plumbing system in the future.
1. Slow Performance
A functional toilet should complete individual flushes within a matter of seconds. If you notice that your toilet is taking longer to perform its assigned duty, then this is an indication there is a problem with your toilet system that will need to be addressed.
A slow toilet could be due to problems with the filling of the tank and bowl, or it could be the result of a blockage that is preventing the bowl from draining properly. When a plunger doesn't remove a clog from your toilet's drain, you will need an experienced plumber to use a clog auger to effectively remove the blockage.
If the problem lies in your tank, a damaged flapper might be the issue. Lift the tank cover carefully and examine the rubber flapper covering the drain on the bottom of the tank. Look for cracking or an improper seal. If the flapper is damaged, then a plumber will be able to replace it so that your toilet flushes quickly once again.
2. Frequent Clogs
It's inevitable that you will experience a clogged toilet at some point. Small children can flush toys down the drain, or someone could use too much toilet paper for a single flush and your toilet's drain could be blocked.
Many clogs can be cleared by using a plunger to push air and water through the drain, but frequent clogs might indicate that you have a more serious problem deep within your toilet's plumbing system. Recurring clogs could be a sign that your pipes are compromised.
The interior surfaces of the drainage pipes servicing your toilet might be coated with mineral buildup from hard water, or they may be coated with layers of hardened refuse that have reduced the diameter of the pipes. An experienced plumber will be able to eliminate frequent clogs from plaguing your toilet by using a pressurized stream of water and a fiber optic camera to clean the interior walls of your drainage pipes.
3. Hissing Noises
When functioning correctly, your toilet should only produce sound when in the midst of a flush and immediately after a flush as the tank refills with water. If your toilet has started to become more vocal, these sounds are a sign of trouble within the plumbing system.
A hissing sound is one of the more common noises you might hear coming from your toilet. Water enters your toilet's tank through an inlet valve. When this valves malfunctions due to age, damage, or corrosion, a small amount of water will be able to squeeze through the valve at all times.
The water becomes pressurized, producing the tell-tale hissing sound that you might hear. A plumbing contractor will be able to replace the inlet valve in order to quiet your toilet and prevent water waste.
If you think your toilet is in need of professional repair, schedule a thorough inspection with the experienced plumbers at Ernie's Plumbing & Sewer Service.