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3 Signs You Should Replace Your Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal
From water heaters and refrigerators to washing machines and dishwashers, most homeowners understand the importance of these appliances. Some appliances are probably considered essential for everyday life, while others are just nice to have. The garbage disposal is one of these beneficial appliances that you may not place much thought into until it is no longer working properly.
Not only can it help break up food to reduce the risk of clogs and reduce your kitchen waste, but a garbage disposal also appeals to potential buyers and adds value to your home. Therefore, you should know the signs your disposal is not functioning properly so you can replace it. This guide and your plumber will help you learn the signs your garbage disposal needs to be replaced.
1. It's Not Powering On
If your garbage disposal will not power on, that's an obvious issue to address. When you first flip the switch, your disposal should start to run. If you do not hear any humming noise, the circuit may have tripped. Resetting the disposal may restore its function.
Locate and press the reset button on the front or side of the disposal. If the disposal still does not power on, the circuit breaker may have tripped. Switch it back into the right position.
If the disposal still doesn't power on, an internal electrical issue may be the cause. You'll need to replace the garbage disposal.
If you hear humming when you hit the switch to turn the disposal on, the motor and blades may be jammed. Turn off all power to your disposal before attempting to remove large chunks of food debris that are jamming the blades. You may need to remove the bottom portion of the disposal, under the sink cabinet, to clean out food and other debris causing the jam.
2. Water Is Leaking Out
Even a small amount of water can lead to serious problems. Over time, the cabinet will start to rot, requiring a costly replacement. You might also have problems with mold growth.
Use your hands to feel around the garbage disposal, taking note if and where you feel moisture. If water leaks from the bottom of the disposal, the interior seal is most likely damaged. This damage stems from basic wear and tear over time.
If your garbage disposal leaks water from the side, the drain lines may be worn or loose. Use your hands to feel for moisture leaking from the area of your drain line. If the hose is in good condition, use a screwdriver to tighten the screws and gasket, securing the hose into place to stop the water leak.
If the moisture stems from the reset button, you should replace the disposal. The actual space where the reset button meets the rest of the disposal's exterior is probably worn from age, causing water to leak out. 
3. It Has Reached or Passed Its Expected Age
Many experts believe the average life span of a garbage disposal is somewhere between 5 and 10 years, but proper use and maintenance can extend the life span of this appliance to 12 years.
To prolong its life span, avoid placing hard foods, such as bones and eggshells down the drain. Also, using a degreasing product in your drain and disposal is smart for preventing heavy buildup and clogs.
If you experience issues with the disposal's function, have it repaired or replaced. However, even if you don't have problems with its function, consider replacing your disposal once it has reached or passed its expected age. This will guarantee your garbage disposal works as needed.
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